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What is Mehandi More Design Mehandi Recipe
The art of Mehendi has existed for centuries.
Mehandi about it and the popular Culture this is a across cultures.
Mehndi is an ancient and traditional art of body painting.
he exact place of its origin is difficult to track because of centuries of people in different cultures moving through the
Mehendi (Mehndi) and the is associated to lots of things - a good dark design is a sign of good luck for the marital couple. It is made from powdered henna leaves and number of other ingredients. This paste, when applied to any body              
Mehandi Recipe

stains the skin with beautiful dark red, orange or bright auburn color. It is used to create natural, temporary tattoos on our body. The color of Mehndi varies from skin to skin, the greater the body heat, the darker and long lasting will be the color.

The following is a simple recipe for making Mehndi.

Required Materials

  • Finely filtered Henna powder
  • Lemon juice or Citric asid
  • Mehndi oil or Eucalyptus oil
  • Strong, dark, hot coffee or tea
  • Ceramic or glass bowl
  • Sugar
  • Paper towels (to clean the mess, if you make any!)

Making Mehndi paste

Finely sifting the henna powder is very important, you can do it over a fine nylon cloth or using a tea strainer. It will remove the course fibers from the powder, and will be easier to apply if you are using a brush or a cone. With this method you will get fine, thin lines and no clogging.

The following are the steps for making Mehndi paste.

  • Take the sifted henna powder in the glass bowl.
  • Put a little lemon juice and mix it well.
  • Add hot tea or coffee and mix till it smooth.
  • Add a teaspoon of sugar to the mixture (it sets the mixture nicely)
  • Also add a few drops of Mehndi oil.
  • Set aside for at least two hours, to make the color set.

Once its done, fill it in a cone and Enjoy Mehndi!

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